James Patricks Traditional Sweets

Packaging for a luxury retro sweet brand

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James Patricks is a retro sweet gifting brand, owned by Chewbz. Although similar in product, this is their more luxurious offering, targeted at the likes of John Lewis and customers.
You can view or buy the James Patricks Sweets at retrosweets.co.uk. 
2KG Gift Box, With 5 classic flavours  inside
I created a vintage style of packaging which reflected the clients brief, using basic colours and a series of candy stripes that would represent each 15 sweet varieties. The branding is working so well that I have also created the company presentation templates, used to sell the range!
2KG Gift Box, With 5 classic flavours  inside
The classics range
2kg Tent box with 2 classics and 3 treat flavours
The TREAT range
The Jar range
The TREAT range
The TREAT range
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